As the saying goes “You are the company you keep”.

With more millennial women getting settled into adulthood, it soon becomes evident that friendships and circles tend to grow smaller while established networks grow stronger. Being mindful of those you keep close is detrimental to your future success.

Surrounding yourself around people that reflect who you want to be, and how you want to feel, has a contagious impact on your overall life. If success in life is your goal, then beware of allowing certain types of people into your inner circle.

Below are 10 types of people you should try to avoid at all cost. Nothing wrong with being cordial, but these types of people should be kept at an arm’s length.

Negative Nancy’s

Negative people are the leeches to your happy ending. They tend to suck you dry from positive vibes whenever they’re around. Negative people always find a way to complain, bring up negative topics/situations, or just bring the mood down with their low energy. Many positive people who have negative people in their circle often times don’t realize it until its too late. Rid yourself of all negativity, and steer clear of Negative Nancys!

Party Poopers

Party poopers always find a way to ruin a good time! Whether its your party, or even theirs, they find a reason to complain and bring down the vibe. Perhaps its past experiences that have made them this way. But whatever the reason is, life is too short to not have a good time. Living life to the fullest is harder to do when you’re stuck around party poopers. So rid yourself of party poopers who always find a way to kill your vibe.

Gossip Folk

No one likes a gossiper. Gossip folks are good for one thing and one thing only… you the latest scoop on a mutual friend. However, as easy as they can tell you someone else’s business, is as easy as they can tell someone else your business! Gossipers should be kept in a safe place where they know you consider them a friend, but also know that you’re not the one to be talked about in a negative light. The best way to handle gossipers is by not giving attention to their chatty patty ways and refusing to entertain their gossip sessions.

Jealous Ones

A jealous person is one who feels envy and resentment by watching someone else succeed or do well. For anyone who is working to achieve success in their life, having jealousy close by can pose as a threat. The slight shade they often throw your way in addition to the backhanded compliments and lack of support in your endeavors are clear signs that you’re friends with a jealous person. This is no energy you want in your circle when striving for greatness.


An instigator feeds off of drama as a form of entertainment. Instigators are gossipers and negative nancys combined in a way that helps ignite situations by bringing out the worst of people. Good times turn to bad memories when instigators get involved. Someone you thought you would never have an issue with can become an enemy at the hands of an instigating friend. Signs of an instigator or people who always bring up what isn’t going right rather than what is, saying hurtful things that they know will get a rise out of someone, aiming for people’s triggers and soft spots, and being bored when things are going well. Rid yourself of instigators before they make you lose friends and block blessings.

Train Wrecks

We all have a few train wrecks in our circle of friends. Train wrecks are people who no matter what they do they can’t seem to not mess up a good thing. Train wrecks are either always getting dumped, in between jobs, losing/borrowing/owing money, waiting to get their car out the shop, having pity parties for themselves, and the list goes on. A train wreck is always in some type of drama where they need your help. Train wrecks will mess up your peace of mind by dragging you into the hell hole they live in everyday. It’s not that you can’t be a good friend to a train wreck, but be mindful of where you place them in your life. Misery loves company, and that is not the kind of company you want to keep when aiming towards success.

Angry Drunks

No one likes an angry drunk! They’re the people who after 5-6 drinks start to feel like their Mike Tyson and always seem to find some trouble to get into. Who wants to end their good night out over a wild fight? Angry drunks usually suffer from some type of drinking problem, so if you consider your angry drunk friend someone dear to your heart, then you want to find a way to talk to them about lowering their alcohol consumption whenever you go out.

Substance Abusers

While it’s practically impossible to prevent someone from using drugs, there are things we can all do to avoid drug and/or alcohol abuse. Hanging around people who are substance abusers can have ways of creeping into your own lifestyle. And if you’re someone who is striving towards greatness, then you can’t afford to waste your life away by destroying your body and overall wellbeing with toxic substances. Try your best at keeping a well-balanced life and encourage your friends to do the same.

Non Supporters

You can count on one hand and three fingers how many events you’ve invited them to and they actually showed up. Non-supporters are the friends who expect you to show up to anything they invite you to but somehow are nowhere to be seen whenever you invite them to an event of yours. Non-supporters have yet to like any of your pics on Instagram, never come to your birthday gatherings, and switch to another topic whenever the conversation becomes about you. Non-supporters are usually not the ones that you should consider a close friend. If you’re working towards success in life you only want to have people around you who truly supported you from the bottom to the top.

Drama Queens/Kings

Overly emotional, always offended, crybaby adults, are what we call drama queens….. (and kings too). They always seem to find a way to make everything about them in a way that offends them and sends them over the edge. Drama queens (kings) are usually upset over someone or something and dedicate the majority of your conversation talking about their new life drama. If all you seem to talk about are their problems whenever you’re together, then your friend is a drama queen (king). Always try to find a way to control the conversation when dealing with a drama queen. Try to find ways to turn the discussion into a positive one, and work to help your friend grow and mature into a better person.

Keep your circle of trust in tip-top shape and keep those around you who inspire and motivate you to be better. Life is too short to waste it away with people who serve you no purpose.

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