This week on “The Current With JeroslynDiva” podcast host JeroslynDiva discusses the controversy behind Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance with the topic “Hey America in case you didn’t notice…..Beyonce is Black and Cam Newton is human!”

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In this episode, MaseTV Founder/CEO JeroslynDiva discusses why Beyonce has caused such an uproar over her Super Bowl performance of her new hit song “Formation”. Why white America is so intimidated when Black people show support of the Black Panther Party, and what it means for Black celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z who get criticized by white America when they speak up for the issues concerning the Black community.


JeroslynDiva also discusses:

  • Cam Newton being a sore loser after Super Bowl loss
  • Ciara suing Future for $15 Million in defamation lawsuit
  • Kanye West T.L.O.P. and Yeezy Season collection
  • New Hampshire primary results (the winners & losers and what it means for the next President of America)
  • Why education in prison is important and how we can make it happen
  • 3 Reasons to seek career independence in 2016 (tips on how to go from an employee to an entrepreneur)
  • Tidal donating $1.5 million to Black Lives Matter movement
  • 300 plumbers go to flint to install free water filters

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