This week on “The Current With JeroslynDiva” podcast host JeroslynDiva poses the question “What is something new that you learned about Black history as it relates to American history?” As we come to a close of Black History Month, JeroslynDiva takes time to build a conversation on Black culture’s role within American history.

“The Current With JeroslynDiva” touches on the latest and greatest in urban pop culture as its reported on hit urban entertainment website

JeroslynDiva discusses her frustration with Sen. Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and why she feels Hillary Clinton might possibly win the Democratic nominee. She also expresses her disgust with Donald Trump and how he represents America to foreign countries.


JeroslynDiva also discusses:

  • Saint West picture debut on social media
  • Kanye West recent rant on Taylor Swift, gossip blogs, and not being a #fingersinthebootyassbitch. And the success his new album “The Life of Pablo” brought to Jay Z’s TIDAL
  • Blac Chyna cooking channel vs. Kylie Jenner cooking channel, and the Kardashian/Jenners disowning Rob Kardashian over his relationship with Chyna
  • Sage The Gemini caught cheating and blasting his ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks while they were dating
  • Ryan Coogler hosting a #JusticeForFlint event the same night as the Oscars
  •  & the Real Ish Quote of the Day

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