Watch Me Talk Celebrity News & Give #CuffingSeason Tips on @TheShadeRoom [Video]

MaseTV Founder/CEO JeroslynDiva is proud to have been a part of TheShadeRoom’s first ever live show in NYC!

With TheShadeRoom being highly followed and respected for being the top urban news sourcing platform, I was honored to be a part of their first ever TheShadeRoom Live NYC taping!

Take a look at the trailer below.


Watch as I sit down with other NYC roommates to give their opinion on Rita Ora becoming an ANTM judge, the wild feud between Kimye and Taylor Swift, Brandy’s record label woes, the RNC convention and much more!

Anyone who knows me, or has seen me in action before, knows firsthand how well-known I am for providing RAW unfiltered commentary on life as I see it!

Watch as I lay out a Guide to Cuffing Season with @tjluhart and @xavier.dleau.


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