A church in Northern California is under fire for posting a sign outside that read,

“Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality is still sin. The culture may change. The Bible does not.”


Caitlyn Jenner is a celebrity transgender woman formerly known as the Olympic gold winner Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn has been an advocate for transgender rights and awareness Following her gender transformation in 2015 when she revealed that she has become a woman.

The church in question is Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church located in Lake Shastina, Calif., about an hour from the Oregon border. On Sunday a group of protesters gathered in front of the church to speak out against what they called “hate and slander” and to “show our love and support for the LGBT community,” according to a Facebook page that organized the event.

Justin Hoke, the church’s pastor, took to Facebook Wednesday and shared an image that showed the sign’s Plexiglass had been destroyed and some of the letters were missing.


The protesters denied destroying the sign, The Sacramento Bee reported. On Thursday Hoke wrote on Facebook:

“If a conservative mountain farming community is no longer a safe place to call sin, sin, then is anywhere in this country still safe for real Christians?” according to The Siskiyou Daily News.

According to the protestor’s Facebook page, another rally against the church’s sign is planned for this Sunday.


Image: Facebook