New research has shown a link between black students who have a black teacher early on and their chances of going to college in the future.

A recent study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that by having just one black teacher can lower a black students’ high school dropout rates and increase their desire to enroll in college, NPR reports.

According to the findings, black students who have just one black teacher in elementary school are 13 percent more likely to enroll in college than other black students who didn’t have any black teachers. The study also states that students who have two black teachers are 32 percent more likely to go to college.

Just last year NPR reported on another study that found that black students who had just one black teacher had increased chances of staying in school. Results from both studies show a direct link between the impact a black teacher can have on black students.

Do you think the government will begin to work more towards recruiting teachers of color?

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Image: LipstickAlley