White Man Yells Racial Slurs, Points Gun, And Tries To Run Over Black Children At Family Dollar

A white man in Tennessee was arrested and charged after he yelled racial slurs, pointed a gun, and tried to run over two black children outside a local Family Dollar store.

36-year-old Bradley Watkins was arrested after reportedly harassing two Black children who he threatened to kill after he got into an argument with one of the victims inside the store, Fox 13 reports.

The victim claims Watkins hurled the n-word at him inside the store and then began to follow them while they were walking home. The children noticed a Ford Crown Victoria driving near them and identified the driver as Bradly Watkins from the store.

In a rage, Watkins reportedly continued to yell racial remarks towards the children and was holding a handgun while driving and yelling at the victims, Fox 13 reports.

The victims ran in different directions after Watkins reportedly started driving toward the victims “spinning/smoking his tires.”

But even after the children ran, Watkins continued to pursue them.

One victim told police they heard him say, “Ni****, I’ll kill you.”

Another victim said Watkins pointed a gun at them. When police spoke with Watkins, he told police he was involved in an argument with two juveniles at the Family Dollar and refused to allow police to search his home and car, Black America reports.

Watkins was arrested and charged with two counts aggravated assault.

Press play below for more on this story.


Image: (Shelby County Sheriff’s Department)

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