Larsa Pippen is under fire for her seemingly cold response to Guerdy Abraira’s breast cancer reveal.

The latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Miami” sees the former basketball wife have a private sit down with Guerdy to hash out their differences. The last time the two tried to speak, Guerdy became emotional and walked away leaving Larsa confused by the response.

But now that a little time has passed, Guerdy is ready to open up to Larsa and reveal what’s really been going on with her. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is asking for Larsa to offer her a “safe space” considering the seriousness of her health situation.

However, if Guerdt was expecting genuine sympathy from Larsa, she received the exact opposite. Queens of Bravo shared a clip from the exchange calling out Larsa’s “offensive” response to Larsa’s breast cancer reveal.

“After Guerdy tells Larsa she has breast cancer, Larsa’s response and further actions are so offensive it’s disgusting 🤬,” they tweeted.

Viewers who watched the clip agreed with many accusing Larsa of coming off “Self absorbed” to Guerdy’s health scare.

“Seeing how Larsa just did Guerdy has changed my whole view on her,” one fan wrote. “I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but when someone is telling you something as serious as them finding out they have cancer, YOU DONT TRY TO MAKE IT ABT YOURSELF!!! Larsa is so self absorbed.”

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Not only did Larsa come off insenstive to Guerdy’s breast cancer reveal. But she also appeared to ignore Guerdy’s request not to tell anyone since she was the first to know. However, six hours after Guerdy shared the tragic news, Larsa is seen telling her friends that Guerdy has breast cancer.

“Hellllllll naw. First, it was repeatedly asking “How do you know?” Is she dumb?” one person wrote. “Second, to then take that information, 6 hours later, and disseminate it willy nilly to some randoms that aren’t Guerdy’s friends…”

“Some people not good with crisis and don’t know how to show emotion in certain situations,” added someone else.

Whatever this reason, Larsa is facing criticism from viewers ahead of the episode’s Wednesday air date. Larsa might’ve been looking to make a splash in Season 6, but not in this way.