JeroslynDiva Rant Against Beyonce Grammy Snub By Adele [Video]

I’m not trying to hate on Adele but facts are facts. She knows she didn’t deserve that award, and even though she admitted it on stage I’m speaking on behalf of Beyonce’s inner thug and calling the Grammys out for their blatant slap in the face to Beyonce.

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7 Beyonce Songs To Fuel Your Confidence And Empower You

Morning blues while on your way to school or work??? Beyonce can help!


Beyonce reigns supreme when it comes to making hit music. Queen B is known to make the average female feel sexy, confident, and empowered on her most regular day.

With the long list of hits Beyonce has delivered since the late 90s, there is always a Queen Bey song that can help brighten up your mood and make you twerk something.

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