Why Are Black Celebs Bashing Other Black Celebs Who Support Donald Trump [Personal Vlog]

Here’s my take on singer Chrisette Michele decision to perform at Donald Trump inauguration and Spike Lee bashing her for it.

I go into further detail on the lack of black celebrities working to bring the black community together as they rather bash the black celebs who meet with or perform for Trump.

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10 Reasons #BlackLivesMatter Other Than Police Brutality

Originally written for MaseTV Feb 2016

The Black Lives Matter movement has taken America by storm.

After centuries of oppression and mistreatment from a systematically racist government agenda, African Americans across the country have joined forces in a movement that is making their voices heard to a government and society that has long ignored the concerns of their community.

However, despite the success of the Black Lives Matter movement, many still equate the social party with only the concerns of police misconduct against Black people. Many outside of the Black community remain clueless as to the many reasons why Black Lives Matter in America.

When considering the many reasons why Black Lives Matter rightfully deserves to be a part of the conversation, Jeroslyn Johnson (@JeroslynDiva), decided to break down 10 of the most important factors that further explain just why the Black Lives Matter movement is of great importance within modern issues in America.

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