6 Reasons You’re Bored With Life

Originally Written by JeroslynDiva for MaseTV April 2015

There are many people are perfectly fine with staying cozy in their own little personal comfort zone. Many stay stuck in jobs they personally hate or relationships that they aren’t truly satisfied in all because the thought of something new and unfamiliar scares and intimidates them.

The thought of change in routine can be quite challenging for many people who are stuck in their comfort zone. This fear of unfamiliarity is what stops personal growth, and hinders many from reaching their full potential in life.

When you stop letting fear control you, only then can you begin to break away from conformity and complacency, and begin to pursue that which brings true purpose and meaning to your life.

So how do you know when you’ve become too comfortable in life? Read below for my 6 Reasons That You’re Bored With Life. 

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