R. Kelly Reportedly Suffering Panic Attacks Amid “Surviving R. Kelly” Backlash

The Pied Piper isn’t doing too well amid backlash from Lifetime’s scathing “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary.

The Grammy-award winning singer is reportedly suffering from panic attacks as a result of Lifetime’s six-part docuseries that details Kelly’s long history of sexual misconduct and pedophilia allegations.

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R. Kelly’s Attorney Attempts Damage Control: “Those Things Didn’t Happen”

One week after the release of Lifetime’s scathing “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary and the Pied Piper’s attorney is attempting to do some serious damage control.

Shortly after the premiere of the new docu-series, R. Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg spoke to ABC News and addressed the shocking abuse allegations being brought against the Grammy award-winning singer.

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