Originally Written by JeroslynDiva for MaseTV April 2015

There are many people are perfectly fine with staying cozy in their own little personal comfort zone. Many stay stuck in jobs they personally hate or relationships that they aren’t truly satisfied in all because the thought of something new and unfamiliar scares and intimidates them.

The thought of change in routine can be quite challenging for many people who are stuck in their comfort zone. This fear of unfamiliarity is what stops personal growth, and hinders many from reaching their full potential in life.

When you stop letting fear control you, only then can you begin to break away from conformity and complacency, and begin to pursue that which brings true purpose and meaning to your life.

So how do you know when you’ve become too comfortable in life? Read below for my 6 Reasons That You’re Bored With Life. 

Have No Goals/Complacent With Where You Are In Life


No matter how old or young you are, having goals is a normal part of life for someone living in purpose. Nothing stands in the way of someone who is determined to accomplish their goals. Therefore, if you have absolutely no goals, then that’s a clear sign that you’re comfortable with where you are in life. The decision is up to you whether or not that is a good or bad thing.

Don’t Work Hard For Things You Really Want


People who rather avoid working hard to accomplish getting the things they truly want out of  life are either pretty set with their current circumstances, or they’re secretly beating themselves up on the inside over their lack of drive. When applying yourself towards a goal becomes too much, that’s a clear sign that you’re content with where you are in your life…..or else you would work harder. Right?

Complain About Not Having The Things You Want


Some people will put little to no effort towards sparking positive change in their life. However, they’ll be the first to tell you how much they’re struggling on a daily basis. If you’re okay with complaining about what you don’t like in life, but can’t take the necessary action to change it, then you must be pretty fine with where you’re at. Closed mouths don’t get fed.

Think Luck Changes Things

Worried dark haired woman chasing her money

There are many who don’t take the right steps towards living in purpose because they’re too busy chasing four-leaf clovers, or easy meal tickets to wealth, fame, and power. People who work hard for what they want don’t believe in luck, they believe in hard work, and they believe in themselves. Believing in yourself is the true key to success, not luck.

Don’t Try New Things/You’ve Become Predictable


You’ve been saying you’re going to quit your job for how long? You’ve been saying you’re going to leave him/her since when? Yet you’re still entertaining that dead end job and relationship. All that talk and no action has caused you to become extremely predictable to your friends and family…..and even yourself. If you’re tired of sitting in that comfort zone, then its time for you to step out and try something new. No one wants to be predictable.

Nothing Excites You

Teenager consoling her friend

Lack of excitement towards life could be signs of something much more serious than just being comfortable. But, it is a sure sign of complacency in life. Despite the many challenges, life is fun and exciting. Life is exactly what you make it. So if you’re finding your days to become more of a routine rather than an adventure, its time for you to make some change. Life is too short not to live it with purpose.

DivaTip: There is nothing wrong with being happy with where you are in life. But being “happy” and being “comfortable” are two different things. Make sure you’re living your life and not just existing. There’s so much life to live. Don’t waste another minute of it sitting in your comfort zone. Step outside that box, and step into your purpose.