So I just finished season 1 of Netflix’ new hit Show “You” and I’ve become one of the many who recently helped Penn Badgley reach one million followers on Instagram!

Despite how creepy it made me feel after each episode I continued to allow myself to get pulled in enough to watch the next one. I won’t give off too many spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet, but I’m going to list out some of the reasons why so many of us are hooked on “You”.

1. We all secretly want to be admired just as much as Beck



From the very first scene in episode one, you’re introduced to the perfection of Beck, or her appearance of perfection to be exact. Her sultry voice to her trendy NYC apartment and the way she seems to never feel the need to close her damn curtains!

The show has an interesting way of making you just as obsessed with Beck as some of the characters in the show are. As Joe stalks Beck throughout the show, we get a better understanding of her troubled character and the shady people around her and want nothing more but to see this aspiring author get some balls and a clue!

2. We all know A Peach



Peach is Beck’s super sketchy best friend who we get introduced to in episode one. Right off the back, you can feel how much “love” she has for Beck in the most oddly unsupportive but still somewhat supportive way.

Peach screams insecure, egotistical, shady biotch in every scene. So how could such a sweet girl like Beck choose to hang out with someone like that? But deep down many of us have had a Peach or even still have a Peach in our life. A “friend” who loves us so much yet somehow is rarely ever there when we need them to be. Their pep talks during challenging times come off more like a verbal ass whooping. To top things off, we low key know they don’t have all of our best interest at heart but we continue to hang out with them anyway because they’re “fun”.

But just as annoyed as we were with Beck’s naivety over her friendship with Peach, we need to also wake up and smell the roses. Maybe Peach (or the Peach in your life) isn’t really your friend!

3. You’re either just as much of a train wreck as Beck is or you used to be 

giphy (1)


Let’s face it. Beck is a hot ass mess! But her good looks and charm help her with hiding it all inside her cute apartment with no damn curtains! (I’m clearly still not over the fact homegirl didn’t close her shades not one damn time! As a native New Yorker, this small detail in the show really bothered me because of how every person in NYC knows to stay extra cautious about the freaks that come out at night).

But I digress. By the second episode, we get a better understanding of Beck’s need for approval and her daddy issues that led to her attraction to wealthy douchebags like Benji. We also see how despite how much she aspires to be a published author, she allows her shady circle of friends and acquaintances to distract her from staying true to her dreams. Not to forget her professor who she allows to blatantly flirt with her just so she’ll pass her class.

Lord Beck get a damn clue and take control of your destiny! But how many of us know deep down we need to take our own advice? How often have we surrounded ourselves with toxic people who we knew were no good for us but enjoyed the perks of being their friend so we kept them around anyway? And I know I’m not the only girl who’s allowed myself to fall head over heels for a dirtbag who let me know right out the gate that he “wasn’t looking for anything serious”.

Haven’t we also entertained passes from an older creep with power who we knew wanted nothing more but to do ungodly things with us when his wife wasn’t looking, but we still tolerated it because of how much he could help our career?

I know I’m not the only one over here saying GUILTYYYYYY! And that is why Beck is such a relatable character. Especially for young women fresh out of undergrad who are still trying to figure out who the fu*k we are.

Thank you Beck for the reality check and for being the perfect fictional example of how much I need to get my sh*t together!

4. Hey John Stamos!

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Us 90s kids already know that John Stamos has been a catdaddy since Full House. But this husky, full beard, hot dad John Stamos we see in “You” is the perfect reminder of the little girl crushes we used to have on him back in the day.

Shout out to Beck for taking one for the team! It’s so good to see him back on our television screens, is it not?

5. You’re amazed at how Joe’s white privilege continues to help him get away with murder….literally

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If you watched the whole season of “You” and didn’t shout out “WHITE PRIVILEGE” one time, then you’re a part of what’s wrong in America!

There is no way in hell a black Joe would have gotten away with half of the crimes we see Joe commit with ease in “You”. His frail high school English teacher look helps him with getting past the cops, a private detective, and even his naive ass coworker who’s sole purpose in the show is his new girlfriend Blythe. (Sidebar: I know I’m not the only one wondering why Ethan has never been to the bookstore’s basement!)

But despite how many murders, burglaries, identity thefts, and harassment crimes Joe commits, he continues to go by completely unnoticed by police because of what…….his white Anglo-Saxon look of innocence that cops feel too comfortable with to find suspicious.

So while Joe is busy making people disappear off the face of the Earth, Tyrone is down the block getting stopped and frisked by the NYPD because of his baggy jeans. Or maybe the NYPD is too busy spying on Black Lives Matter protestors to notice a bookstore clerk who’s out here murdering men and women. (A reach much? I know, but so what. Black Lives Matter boo boo!)

6. You’re in love with the diversity of the cast

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OMG yassss Netflix for the inclusive cast!

I was so here for Joe’s rebound girlfriend Karen (hey sis). Her character exuberated class, intellect, empathy, and discernment. We’re sure after she heard about Beck’s fate and she was glad she got dumped. (Sips tea)

Oh, and we can’t forget about our girl Blythe! She’s played by Hari Nef, the first transgender woman signed to IMG Worldwide and sis was a whole mood in every scene she was in. The way she slipped out some subtle shade to get Beck out of her emotional bag and into her writing flow was one of my favorite scenes.

Beck’s friends consist of beautiful women of color including Peach and Lynn, and Joe’s coworker Ethan who falls madly in love with Blythe gives the perfect blend of inclusivity to “You”.

Shoutout to Netflix for making a hit show that reflects what America really looks like.

7. What happened to Candace?

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Whew chilay the way the final episode ended, we are all on the edge of our seats in anticipation for where season two will go. But one thing is for sure, wtf happened to Candace?!

We’re given clues throughout season one, but by the final epsiode, we still aren’t exactly sure where Candace is and what happened to her. It’s this continued sense of mystery that keeps us tied into “You” and despite how creepy and sinister the show’s plot is, we just can’t get enough of it.

Hopefully, Candace is alive to tell her tale. But, for now, we’re all just wondering if sis got to visit the Tower of Pisa or not!

8. You want Joe to get arrested and get away with his crimes all at the same time!



The show’s writers do a perfect job at making you hate and love Joe all at the same time. He’s a complete psychopath who was raised by a psychopath. But somehow you understand his sick ways and how the demons he’s carried from childhood have affected him as an adult.

He had a rough life growing up under the care of Mr. Mooney and he’s haunted by his childhood, and the vicious crimes he’s committed within the past year. But despite how much he deserves to be rotting away in prison, we still want to see Joe win. Maybe even hope that Beck is weird enough to understand Joe’s sickness and still love him anyway.

But how can we support a murderer? If “Making A Murderer” Steven Avery is in jail for a crime he possibly didn’t commit why isn’t Joe Goldberg in prison for crimes he did commit? It’s definitely Joe’s look of innocence and sincerity that leave us feeling empathetic for his sick and twisted way of life.

However, this is a perfect example of how real criminals get to continue walking the streets while nonviolent drug offenders and people who can’t afford their cash bail fill up the prisons in New York and across the country. (Sorry, just spitting some more black facts because of what…..Black Lives Matter boo!)

Shout out to the cast and crew of “You” and to Netflix for getting us hooked on yet another show amid the new price increase their forcing on us!

Image: Netflix